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Employer Services

Executive Search
Executive search services are handled by our specialist Executive search consultants who will enable you to find the right candidate for a given role. Our team would specifically head hunt profiles and submit the same to the Organization after preliminary screening by Mantis.
Turnkey Recruitment
Turnkey recruitment services address the mass recruitment needs of our client. .. Our time and budget bound tailor made approach enables customers to fulfill their requirement.
Advertised Recruitment
Mantis provides advertised recruitment services on behalf of the client and manages the entire recruitment process starting from;
- Release of advertisement,
- Short-listing the resumes,
- Conducting preliminary interviews
- Co-ordinate final interviews and
- Follow up on joining.
Campus Recruitment
Mantis HR strives to reduce the pain of many organizations in conducting campus hiring by leveraging our established contacts and campus hiring processes. These services enable our customers to hire fresh talent from reputed colleges. Some of the key services include; promotion of company brand, administration of tests, support in interview process, offer negotiation, closure and joining.
Training & Development
Our Training and Development Solutions delivers open, in-house and bespoke customer care, professional development, management, marketing, sales and human resources training for all types of organizations. We aim to understand our clients and build long term relationships with them so that we can provide tailored training and development solutions to meet their specific needs.
Employer Marketing
Mantis has successfully built an Employer Marketing specialization by partnering with clients to develop non-traditional candidate sourcing strategies. The journey begins with the articulation of your Employment Value Proposition (EVP), and recommends how to best put it to use. EVP implementation is often incorporated through the following key means:
- Recruitment advertising toolkits
- Employer branding
- Media planning
- Employee referral program
- Careers website
- Search engine optimization
- Social media management
- Talent pool communications
- Onboarding experiences
- Induction kits